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When Should I Buy Used Auto Parts Versus New Parts?

OK…. This one is a bit tricky because it is subjective. Most used auto parts customers will tell you that buying used is the only way to go and those that pay full ticket for new parts will confess they frown on buying used anything! So who is right and who is wrong? Well, neither is totally right or wrong. There are many variables that play into the decision to buy used parts versus new and just one of them is the cost savings associated with buying used. For instance, some parts are not even available as a new purchase. That means the only way to buy those parts is to buy from a salvage yard no matter what the cost. Another important variable is that many new parts are manufactured as “aftermarket” or non OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts while the majority of used parts bought from salvage yards will be original parts. That may factor into how the part fits your vehicle and its performance. A positive for used auto parts is that most used sales representatives are very astute in identifying the correct part to solve your problem. Another advantage is that in many cases buying used will save you addition cost because some used purchases include a complete parts assembly and buying new will require you to buy each part in that assembly separately. That saves you not only money but also time in labor to assemble. There may be an occasion that buying new is the correct choice if you cannot find suitable used parts. However, starting your parts search at your local salvage yard makes perfect sense.

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