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Tips for How to Find & Buy Used Auto Parts in Virginia:

Are you searching for the best used auto parts in VA? Want to find huge savings on used engines, transmissions, auto body parts, tires, wheels, interior accessories and more for your car, truck, van or SUV? Chances are Used Auto Parts VA can guide you to Virginia's top used auto parts providers and the parts that you need! offers valuable tips and guidelines for finding and buying the best used auto parts available. Throughout this site, you will find valuable information on the best way to search for and buy used auto parts, what to expect from a "quality" used auto parts provider, as well as advertisements and links to the premium salvage yards and used auto parts in VA. On behalf of Automotiveinet and all of the Virginia area owned and operated auto salvage yards listed throughout these pages, we thank you for starting your search at!

Local Used Auto Parts in VA:

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Searching for Used Auto Parts & Salvage Yards

The most important part of benefitting from the use of used auto and truck parts is searching for and finding top quality parts. Used Auto Parts VA gives you valuable tips and guidance on how to quickly contact local auto salvage yards, how and where to perform online used auto parts searches as well as providing Automotiveinet's exclusive Used Auto Parts Valet Shopper service. Simply use our FREE Valet Shopper Form to submit the used auto parts you are searching for and we will forward your request to top local auto salvage yards in VA. Those VA salvage yards then cater to your request putting you in the "drivers" seat.

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Learning About Auto Salvage Yards & Used Auto Parts Providers

There are basically 3 main choices when buying used auto parts in VA. You can buy directly from a full service auto salvage yard, find and “pull” the parts yourself at a self service used auto parts yard or buy from a used auto parts broker or middleman. We break down all of these options so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Beware of Buying Parts from Third Party Used Auto Parts Brokers!

We recommend that you buy your used auto parts “directly” from established, local auto salvage yards and recyclers in VA or your local area of the US! That is not to say that used auto parts brokers are fraudulent or not legitimate businesses in general, however we feel that adding a middleman or third party to a used auto parts transaction complicates the process. In many cases you will; pay more for the parts then by negotiating and buying directly from the salvage yard, take longer to receive your part, have a greater chance of mistakes in your order and most likely have difficulty if you need to return the part or execute a warranty for any reason. The simple rule to follow in buying used auto parts is to always contact and make your purchase directly via your trusted local salvage yards in VA!

Understanding Used Auto Parts Warranties

Top local auto salvage yards in VA offer great warranties on their used auto parts products! We give you a few tips on questions to ask before the purchase so that you are on the same page as the used auto parts seller. We talk about standard used parts warranties, extended parts and labor warranties, warranty installation requirements as well as guidelines and procedures to consider in the rare case that your used auto parts purchase needs a replacement.

Tips and Guidance on Installing Used Auto Parts

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a seasoned pro, we sometimes can use a little guidance when installing used auto parts on today’s complex vehicles. We will discuss a few best practice methods as well as give you links to some of the top mechanics and auto repair shops in VA.

The Most Popular Used Auto Parts Sold in Virginia

Automotiveinet polling from some of the top auto salvage yards indicates that the most popular used auto parts sold in VA and throughout the US are mechanical parts and more specifically used engines, transmissions and rear ends for cars, trucks, vans or SUV’s with used transmissions leading the way in most cases. This makes perfect sense because of the daily wear and tear on those parts. Engine accessories such as starters, alternators, AC compressors, radiators, condensers are popular as well as used tires and wheels. Used auto body parts would be next with front end parts such as bumpers, grilles, hoods, fenders, head lights/lamps the top sellers. Also in that group would be used doors, rear bumpers, body panels, taillights, deck lids and more. Auto glass, interior parts and audio accessories would round out the list. These statistics may vary from salvage yard to salvage yard depending on the type of salvage vehicles each parts provider maintains in inventory.

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