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Used Auto Parts Installation & Warranty Guidelines for VA

For many used auto parts, especially mechanical parts such as engines and transmissions, the parts installation and warranties are directly dependent on each other. In other words, many used engine and transmission warranties will require that certain installation guidelines be followed in order for the warranty to remain valid. These warranty rules are not “traps” to void your warranty, but rather tips and guidelines from salvage yards to help you to install the part correctly and get the maximum value out of your used parts purchase. This saves you and everyone involved valuable time as well as labor and other cost associated with installing auto parts. Remember, auto salvage yards sell these parts everyday so take advantage of the tips and guidance they provide. Auto Salvage Yards want your used auto parts purchase to be a pleasant and successful experience, so don’t be afraid to ask questions before, during or after your purchase! Below are a few tips and guidelines for the installation and warranty of your new or used auto parts:

Read the Parts Warranty BEFORE Installation…

It is common for us to buy a product and not read the instructions or warranty until after there is an issue? And in many cases, the issues were caused because we did not follow the guidelines for the proper use of the product. Always read the warranty and also ask your used auto parts sales person about any installation or operating guidelines for the parts you are purchasing.

Choose a Trusted & Experienced Mechanic or Auto Repair Shop...

Repairing some of today’s vehicles can be very complicated and require that certain procedures be followed for replacement of mechanical parts such as engines and transmissions. Not following those procedures can result in permanent damage to your used auto parts purchase and also void your warranty. Most salvage yards will have an “A” list of mechanics or repair shops that are approved for installation of their parts. Also, some salvage yards will offer additional warranties for parts that are installed by their approved or certified mechanics with some yards even offering onsite installations. Ask your local salvage yard about parts and installation packages. That option may save you time, money and extend your warranty!

Understanding Standard Parts Warranties Versus Extended Warranties…

Most auto salvage yards offer a standard used auto parts warranty on their “In-Stock” parts. The length and specifics of those warranties may vary slightly between salvage yards. They will usually fall somewhere between 30 days and 90 days with some being longer and usually do not cover any labor cost associated with replacing the part. There may also be slight variations between local salvage yard’s warranties that have the same length. Meaning all 90 day warranties may not be the same! For example some salvage yard warranties may require that you follow certain steps or procedures when installing a used engine or transmission and if those steps are not followed it may void your warranty. These required procedures are not meant to “trap” or trick you into invalidating a warranty, they are in place because some mechanical parts “require” them to operate properly. Always ask the used auto parts salesperson what requirements may be associated with your specific used parts purchase.
Extended Warranties on engines, transmission, rear ends and other mechanical parts are offered by many local salvage yards in VA for an additional fee. Extended warranties may vary in length/term, scope and in some cases will include a labor guarantee. In general, these extended benefits are well worth the money when offered by and purchased from an established and trusted local salvage yard. As always, read the fine print to make sure that you follow any requirements of the warranty, know exactly what steps to take and what to expect in case you need to execute the warranty.

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