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Used Wheels VA – Searching & Buying Tips to Find a Deal

Searching for a deal on used wheels for your car, truck, van or SUV? Your local auto salvage yards in VA are the perfect place to start. Auto recycling yards buy and process hundreds of parts vehicles every year. Most of those vehicles sport popular wheels in excellent condition and ready to improve the look or your vehicle. The following tips and guidelines can help you get the wheels that you need and maybe save a little money as well;

Ask About Trading Your Old Wheels on Your Replacement Wheels…

When you find the used wheels that you want at your local salvage yard, and if your old wheels are aluminum alloy wheels, ask the salvage yard if they would consider taking your old wheels in on trade or buy them as parts cores. This could save you a few bucks on your replacement wheels.

Search for Wheel and Tire Combo Packages…

Whether you are searching for a complete set of wheels to spice up your vehicle or simply looking for a single replacement wheel, you should do a little research into the availability of the wheels with tires still mounted. This can save you a ton of money on the tires themselves, tire mounting, balancing and also reduce the risk of wheel damage from mechanical tire changers. Even if you have tires with plenty of tread life remaining if might be a good idea to buy your wheels and tires as combo package and save your current tires as replacements down the road.

Inspect Replacement Wheels for Defects…

OK, so you found your replacement wheels at your local salvage yard. When you pick them up make sure that you take the time to check them for defects. While salvage yards make every effort to check wheels for imperfections, sometimes two sets of eyes are better than one! You should inspect each wheel inside and out for cracks, breakage, and roundness. You can check the roundness by finding a flat, hard surface and slowly rolling the wheel. If the wheel rolls smoothly without any wobble, the general roundness is true.

Ask About Used Wheel Warranties…

As with all used auto parts purchases, you should ask about the warranty on your used wheels before you buy. Most used wheels are only guaranteed to not be warped.

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