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Can I Save Money Buying Used Auto Parts?

Yes! In general buying used auto and truck parts can save you a significant amount of money. We apply a What, Where, When and How method to evaluating the deal that you may get on your parts. The “What” applies to the particular part you are searching for and simply means there are more significant savings on certain parts. The “Where” is associated with the salvage yard that gives you the best deal on a particular part. For instance, a salvage yard may have several of the parts you need in stock and drop their price to liquidate. Also, if you buy from a self service salvage yard you may save more money than if you buy the same part from a full service yard. (Keep in mind the warranties are usually better from a full service purchase) The “When” factors into pricing based on the age of the parts vehicle and where it is in the recycling process. In other words, a salvaged vehicle has a “recycling life” and the price of its parts may fluctuate during that period based on age, demand and quality of the part. The “How” applies to how you purchase the parts. For example; will you need the part shipped or are you picking it up at the salvage yard? Do you want an extended warranty? Are you buying multiple parts or a single part? All of these variables and others play a role in pricing used auto parts. Shop around at local salvage yards in VA for the best deal on the parts that you need. Better yet, use our Valet Shopper Service and let the salvage yards contact you with their best price!

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