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What are Used Auto Parts Return Policies?

Used auto parts return policies are very similar to those of new parts and may vary slightly from salvage yard to salvage yard. Typically there is a time period that returns are allowed if the part is in the original condition and is accompanied by the original invoice. As with new electrical parts, most salvage yards have a “no return” policy for all electrical parts purchases. Also, some used auto parts providers will charge a re-stocking fee for returned parts. They charge these re-stocking fees to cover labor cost of just that… restocking the part. And in some cases they may have to dismantle the part for your sale and the restocking fee helps to cover those labor cost. Some salvage yards will cover those cost up front by imposing a “minimum” charge for all used parts purchases. Top local salvage yards want their customers to be happy with their purchases and with the used parts buying experience in general and will gladly work with purchasers to solve their needs within the rules of their return policies. In summary, always ask the parts salesman about their return policies and then respect those. It is a good idea to buy used parts only when you are ready for installation so that you can maximize the benefits of not only the return period but also your warranty. Don’t buy the part and let it sit in your garage for a year, install it and expect the salvage yard that you bought it from to honor a warranty if you have an issue. That is an unrealistic expectation. So research it, buy it and install it in a timely manner so the salvage yard can help you maximize and protect your investment

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