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Will My Used Auto Parts Purchase Come with a Warranty?

Almost always yes! I say “almost always yes” because there may be instances that you will buy a used part “as is” and that scenario is usually associated with a “self service” parts yard or parts that you negotiate a discounted price and forgo the warranty. And then there is the fact that not all warranties are the same! In general the auto recycling industry offers excellent warranties on their products. Reputable salvage yards in VA offer warranties to not only ensure a quality product but to also ease any concerns from their customers. It is common for used parts warranties to vary between salvage yards in their length, definition and scope. Most salvage yards offer a standard warranty on “in-stock” parts that range from 30 to 90 days in general. Some yards offer longer standard warranties spanning 6 months or longer. Still other parts providers will offer extended warranties for an additional fee that also includes a limited labor guarantee. As with all product warranties the beauty is in the details. Not all warranties with similar duration are necessarily the same. We suggest that you read our installation and warranty section to learn more about warranties and never be shy about asking your used parts sales person about their warranties. If they are a reputable salvage yard they will gladly share those details with you. If they seem hesitant or unsure… move on!

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